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*Le Sigh* [Sep. 18th, 2006|11:56 pm]
[mood |cynicalcynical]

Goals and dreams seem like more of an upset lately. The more goals I set for myself, the more dissapointed I get. I`ve had all sorts of goals, and things I want to accomplish, but so far it`s getting me no where. It`s left me second guessing pretty much everything. This is not a fun mood to be in, but truthfully I`ve been in this mood for weeks. 

This rings especially true for my art.  I have so many dreams, selling my work one day etc, but I`m left questioning if my work is even good enough. People tell me it is, but it`s so hard to know their reactions when it`s not a face to face meeting, other than your family.  Are they saying it to be nice? Do they actually think this? I`m so frustrated right now I have no idea.  When I`m not doing something artistic, I`m told I`m "wasting my talent," but I don`t know what to do.   It`s so hard to feel inspired when you are feeling the way I am about my work.

- Bah humbug-

(no subject) [Feb. 24th, 2006|06:10 pm]
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Problem Number 1
With the prices charged for such a place, many people felt the need to take shortcuts. For example, giving me half broken up tickets, or very very tiny pieces of tickets and saying it got soaked in the rain. Only problem is when they did this on sunny days. Nice try!

Problem Number 2
A bunch of young adults,( 13-15) come through the barn. They exclaim in *hyper insanity* that they want to go through again. I inform them that because I have just looked at their stamped tickets, they are unable to go through again. The group protests defiantly, saying that it was so and so who went through earlier, but it was not them. It still did not matter, they could not go through. They keep debating, protesting and such to try and get me to budge. Finally, enough of them. I HAD it! I yell firmly a large beckoning, "NO". Luckily for me, one of my coworkers, with security duty in the actual haunted part, comes out, and sweetly says " Guys you really cannot go through again, or something to that effect." Figures, they`d listen to the girl who`s not scary AT ALL... and not the big scary ( okay exaggeration on BIG there) guy. They leave, and later on something is thrown to my back. Yes, the young adults, decided to throw a WATER bottle at me. How clever. It didn`t hurt at all, it actually made me chuckle profusely, for about ten minutes.

So they decide to try again. They come back, and say please, let us through, we`ll pay you (*BRIBE! BRIBE BRIBE ALERT*) $4.00! Oh no way! They just paid my salary, nevermind the fact that if I was found to be accepting bribes I don`t think I would have had such a job for that long, thanks.

I firmly say "NO!" again, and once again my coworker rushes out. She rushes out, and I yell ( still in character.. EEK), that I need her to call security NOW! She does so, as one of the young adults, tries to get past me. He tries to push me into the railing, but I firmly plant my feet on the first step, and elbow him, and say "NO," again. They finally leave, screaming profanities and words like "This place is such a ripoff, dot dot dot." Me 2: Customers: - 0!

Problem Number 3

This is one of my favourites. Another small group tried to come through, I explained the problem with their tickets, and they still want to go through. Like last time, I explain about it, I say NO! as loud as I can, and my acting manager just happens to be walking by as I am yelling as loud as I can. NO! She walks behind the exit, looks in. She yells LOOOK! He said NO! Now Go! ROCKS!!!! They left so fast it was amazing. After they left, she says. "whoa, I don`t know if we`re allowed to yell like that but damn it felt good." I just tell her that I was happy walking by when she did, cause I was getting frustrated, and we both laugh hysterically mocking what she did.

There were not any major problems after those two incidents, a few with people who had scammed tickets off of people who had already paid and left, sorry you paid $2.00, when the tickets are *way more expensive*, and we still didn`t let you go through, because of the fact they were already used. The only other problem was an adult punching one of my coworkers in the barn because "she scared him." *raises O_o* Y That`s what we`re supposed to do!

I would also like to mention that not everybody was as bad as these examples. I had some people walk through to where I stand, I ask for their tickets. They explain they didn`t have any ( ticket booth closed early) , and I ask them to wait, They willingly oblige, as I get my host manager. He comes down, and explains that we should not be letting them through, but if they stick with him, he will make sure they can see what they want, and actually pay for it. They go through, and they had an awesome time and they willingly go up with my manager and pay for the tickets. You people! You come back! Honesty works!

I also had many compliments from other staff as the month went on. From one girl, " Wow! your really scary. You are so quiet when your up here in the staff room, but when your down there, I`m afraid to go near you," and one from another manager, " I was turning the corner with a customer, and I heard you speaking in character, I was amazed. I didn`t realize it was you." They were shocked at how fast I improved from my first shift to my last. I was a 'sceerin machine'

I actually miss that job, less for the free cake, and treats given by my managers on certain days, I really miss working with my managers and coworkers
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Alive,and barely breathing. I suppose... [Feb. 24th, 2006|04:55 pm]
YES! I am still alive, despite the lack of updating. (It`s been a busy time I suppose).

Let`s see, I have information to add from June of last year up to today.

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So after the eventful month of June, the impending doom of July and August began. During a brief period, I was still working at the grocery store. The first week of July, I received a notice that six people, including myself were going to be laid off on July 15th, due to "economic reasons". Quite eerie, because in fact I had noticed that out of nowhere my shifts started declining, and was going to ask my manager if it was possible for me to pick up more hours. He told me to speak with the owner, and said goodbye. I thought nothing of his "goodbye," until i was informed we were without a manager. (*cue impending doom*)

So on the day of my last shift, I go into work, and I tell my coworker, that because I am being laid off, and I am not in the right frame of mind to be working for them. He fully understands, and wishes me well.

About two weeks later after I was laid off, I stop into my former workplace. I drop off my uniform, and am speaking with the head cashier. She was not currently busy at this time, and I asked her if she could possibly see if my coworker is in the back. She does so willingly, and I await outside the employee only doors, only on the other side this time.

Minutes later, the owner comes out (dun..dun...dun) He says his greeting, asking how things are going. Looking at the person who previously laid me off, I respond with a general "fine" comment, not wanting to really tell them how I felt( You laid me off, for reasons that we have figured out were false anyways). He asks me what I am doing there, I respond that I am grocery shopping with my family and that the head cashier just went to ask my coworker if he could come down so I could give him my information for a letter of reference.

My former boss literally *EXPLODES!* He exclaims quite loudly ( in a store full of customers I might add), that I am NOT allowed to ask anyone for a reference but himself, and he also muttered other things. I just say okay, fuming, almost in tears I`m so angry. My family member is at the cash paying, and I almost flipped out, wanting to tell her to leave the groceries behind. Who would think, that asking someone who ACTUALLY worked with me would be such a big deal. Apparently my former boss did.

So I then spent my summer trying to bulk up, go swimming, and generally enjoy my time off.

Yes.. [May. 20th, 2005|11:09 pm]

Oscar the Grouch is really going to eat you. Eat you he will! Muah!Ha ha* Maniacal Laughter*

Only one work rant for today.

Dear Coworker (possibly in another department),
 Thank you very much for doing the "trash cans", before anyone else had to. I really appreciate (WAIT! No I don`t) you doing the job in such a professional and efficient manner. Can you guess what happened? Whoever did trash cans last took the old garbage out and DID NOT put any new bags in any of the cans.  What does this mean?  This means that me, your lonely grocery clerk had to reach into the garbage cans and pick out garbage because people  do not realize that there is no bag, it`s not a hard concept, but apparently it is, and kept putting garbage in the cans.:((*flails and beats you with a trash lid*. I had to do this  work, unsanitary until my supervisor found some appropriate gloves for me to pick up garbage with.  That was disgusting,luckily I had gloves found before I had to pick up dirty kleenexes ( no WAY otherwise, or I might have just gone BERSERK!)  I also noticed people waste quite alot of food, especially drinks.   The one interesting find was a whole box of Tim Hortons timbits, why you did not eat them, I dunno.. but they`re thrown out now. *MUAH HA*

Your two Grocery Co-workers, who were mighty pissed off and late to get home.


Work Rants Etc... [May. 15th, 2005|06:03 pm]
[mood |touchedtouched]
[music |Free Willy Theme Song]

Duped.. .

You were there for so long. Told me that you loved me, then you turned your back on me. Turned your back on me. Everything I had known, everything I had accomplished with you, was this big lie. Time cannot erase the pain and memories, I`ve held unto. Why`d you have to make it seem this way.  So familiar in my eyes, yet just another lie, waiting to be spoken. Waiting for the.time to forget, waiting for my tears to cry. Why did you have to be this way? Why did this happen so suddenly, why to you and me?

I guess...

No words to speak, no emotions to express the sorrow. Sorrow that is within. My mind is filled with images of us. I wish it would become a distant memory. We were there for each other, then suddenly were were gone, split apart. Split apart by the unkown, what had become of us? This I guess, is my final goodbye, as you`ve moved on, moved away from me...

It seems like almost everyone I talk to is going through a relationship crisis,  from either being dumped and not knowing why to being used.  These "words of wisdom," I wrote for a particular friend who had discussed that her boyfriend ( now ex) would not even tell her the reasons why he wanted to break up, then out of nowhere wanted to get back together.

Work Rants

I have not had much to rant about at work this week. I had one shift on Friday. Did I mention Friday was the 13th? Yes it was, eerily quiet at work. and I don`t work until this coming Friday.    The only rant I have from Friday was  once again due to the carts.   Parents, please if your young child ( 3-4) is running around the path of the carts, please watch them carefully.  It is much easier for you  to watch your small child, than it is for me to stop 6 carts on a dime.   When your kid RAN full blast into the path of me in the carts, I had to act quickly and stop the carts fast. Thanks! :)  I counted my hours using the paycheque slips that we receive and it looks like I`ve worked a "recorded" 83 and a half hours at the store.  That is not bad although I know it`s missing 20 hours or so before the store opened.  I am pretty happy with how much I have made so far.  I`ve made a few hundred dollars, so yeah. /Rant End

On Friday, before my shift started, I had to have bloodwork done. Lovely.  I cannot stand needles, don`t think I ever will.  So I went into the room and as soon as I saw the bottles they put the blood into, I started having trouble.  Luckily, I had someone`s hand to hold unto, although they`re lucky I didn`t break it with my grip.   Needles just seem to get the worst of me, I start panicking even at the sight of them in the packaging on the desk, and if I happen to look over when the needle goes in, let`s just say, it`s not a good time.     Why may you ask are they taking my blood? 

They took my bloodwork, because I have finally plunged in finally trying to rid my face of acne.  The drug they are putting me on is hard on the liver, so they need to monitor my blood levels, how my liver is functioning.  I did not think that acne has really had an effect on me, but I do realize it has.  Acne has made me really self conscious and embarrassed, especially around others I don`t know.   Now I know that getting rid of the acne is only one step in my self esteem, but an important step.

As far as my weight goes, I`m between 130-140 pounds.  That is a significant amount to where I was about 7 years ago, barely able to function properly, having heart problems and my health spiraling out of control.  I know it`s not a significant amount of weight, but coming from where I was, it is a milestone in a way.  I`m still not where I want to be, I want to be at least 175-180.   One problem I still have with gaining weight is that some days I`ll eat huge meals, then other days, I just don`t have the energy. One reason still is because the medicine I take, still gives me "anorexic" symptoms, but you have to deal with it, and I`m working my butt off to do that. :)


I feel.. Like.. I`m falling... [May. 8th, 2005|11:11 am]
[mood |shockedshocked]
[music |Swollen members Featuring Nelly Furtado "Breathe"]

As of last night, I despise the ladder. First off, I am not good with heights, I cannot stand it, and going up the ladder is a big deal for me, that I am trying my best to get over being afraid of heights. What made this worse last night, was that I was doing overstock, which is where you take the products off the very top of the shelves and see if there is room on the actual display shelves. This man in his 60`s and 70` s comes up, when I am on the ladder.( I saw this after I looked down, see below). and what does he do. He wanted to get my attention, so instead of saying "Excuse me, or I was wondering if you could help me,"he begins slamming his cart into the ladder, when I was on the very top step. I start having tachycardia (where my heart beats too fast, long medical story behind that) and I gave this terrified look as I look down."Peanuts, where are your salted peanuts? ", he exclaimed. Before I had anytime to respond, he looks down the aisle, and goes, "Oh, there they are!"( I proceed to get off the ladder and go on break and bought something to drink.)

I was talking to my friend who`s family works at a store across the street, and we compared notes, and we believe that this guy only buy`s Peanuts. Apparently he walked into their small store and they had just got a shipment of peanuts in, and he bought all 75 packages.

On Friday night, I had a blonde haired lady in her 50`s come up to me while I was doing carts, and I was holding unto 5 carts whilst she was talking to me( This was about the first 30 minutes in my 6 hour shift when she came up). She asked me how much the live plants outside were,, so I responded "Well, they`re new to me also, so I can go find the price for you". She responds by rolling her eyes, and in the most sarcastic voice goes " Right!" Like the staff are supposed to know every single item in the store. As a matter of fact, I was there last night, and I was there when the cashiers were changing the prices on the products, so we have to learn the sale prices for this week. What irked me, was that she couldn`t wait the two seconds for me to go find out. All I had to do was drop the carts into the corral( I was already standing off to the side in it.) and go look for the price,which *mindboggle* all the plants have. So She walked inside, and so when she was gone, I golook at the plants and what is there, infront of the plants. Can you guess?

A) Someone watering the plants for sale

B) A large sign stating the price

C) The biggest cart that the world has ever seen that can hold over 20 million years worth of groceries.

Well, if you guessed B, a large sign stating the price you would be correct.



Long Update... [May. 8th, 2005|09:15 am]
[mood |predatorypredatory]
[music |The Rumbles in my stomach..]

This is going be a fairly large update I believe.

Been so busy, I usually come home from school, just exhausted. School is paying off with good marks though. I got my report card( mid-semester), and so far I have a 95 in Science, An 86 in Marketing, An 81 in English( this makes me sad), and finally a 69 in Business. That leaves me with an average of 82.5. That is not a bad average but I want to get my marketing class in the 90`s, and bring up my business mark to raise my average. I was so bored in one of my classes, that I did a full two page report on the Kermode Bear, my favourite bear for my science class, along with finding an article relating to Marsburg and Ebola. I decided to find the article on Marsburg, similar family to Ebola, becase we had been discussing viruses in my class for about three weeks. My teacher gave me a look of confusion, he had no idea that I was THAT bored, I`m thinking I may do another report tomorrow after school, on some birds, because I`ll probably not have that much homework, either birds or my other favourite subject, primates. Possibly some drawing time in as well :) It`s been a struggle but so far, I`ve mostly managed to work at the grocery store and get my schoolwork done too. I`m nervous about tomorrow at school, because me and a group have to go visit some classes for our marketing class and discuss the benefits and such of buying a yearbook, 4 classes in total. Some of you may know, I AM NOT a good PUBLIC SPEAKER, it makes me nervous, I have some social anxiety related problems so I loathe public speaking, one reason why I tend to avoid assemblies are the large crowds.

As far as art is concerned, I`ve done very little to none. I`ve been so busy, I know it sucks, but hopefully once things seem to calm down, I`ll be able to produce something that is productive. I hate the fact that people tell me I have some talent, and I`ve had no time to use the talent to it`s fullest. The only "art" thing I have done is a poster for my marketing class, and I *cannot* look at that poster, I hate how it looks. lol

Healthwise, I visited my new neurosurgeon, told him some concerns we had, told him that I had been having headaches that were happening , one time lasting about a week, and reoccuring about one day every few weeks. He brushed it off, not really addressing what could be the problem. I`m supposed to have a CATscan scheduled for between 1 and three months from my appointment date, where we will see if anything is wrong with head.

So we had an orientation meeting for work, pretty much introducing us to food safety which took three hours. I had a few shifts beforehand, where I stacked for quite a while.

Thank you to the nice customer, that saw that I was stacking a particular brand of television dinners, and apologized when he said " sorry it seems I have made more work for you." I told him that in fact he did not and did not have to apologize, because I had to arrange all the t.v. dinners later during my shift to fit the boxes of various flavors in. I would also like to thank the young couple that came in for t.v. dinners also, and asked if we had a particular flavour in, and not getting frustrated when I had to look into the boxes I was stacking for that flavour and open a new box.

Most people when I was opening and stacking the t.v. dinners. were impatient, and would leave quiet pissed off when I said, "sorry( sir or ma`am), it seems we are sold out, but we are expecting a new shipment on Tuesday". The two flavours we sold out of were both turkey flavours.

To the girl in the parking lot, you creeped me out, more of unexpected..lol. See the thing is, she drove by with her window down, was obviously looking at me, and went, "EOwwwww, like she liked me when I was pushing carts. But I guess that`s not a bad sign, Eh? >.<

I think I`ve been doing fairly well, I am still working there for now I guess :) I`m pretty good at stocking, but I get really slow when I have to lift the large boxes, or do overstock, because I do not have the posessed strength to lift HUGE boxes. I did increase my strength a bit I guess, because when I started I could only push 3 carts, now I`m up to pushing five or six carts.

I actually really like working carts, I get to be outside, and I get to deal with some really nice friendly people. But, sometime`s you get the one`s who rear their ugly heads ( not literally), but just in the sense that they are rude. The worst offenders are, when I am taking carts out of the cart corral, I assure you this is not a quiet job, but many carts making noise, bumping into each other, probably heard throughout the parking lot. So I am standing in the cart corral, and not two steps away, some person too rushed, too tired, other miscellaneous excuses they have pushes their cart into a parking spot, which also has another ten carts that ten other people could not bring inside the two steps to the corral. I try to make it a habit of thanking each and every person who brings their cart to the corall, or when I am putting carts back into their proper locations beside the building, I ask if they want a cart, and usually they are delighted that someone will bring them their cart and have it the right way for them to enter the building and say Thank you. It really does wonders, when you are having a long day and you hear those two simple words. One thing I also do not like about working with carts, is the parking lot, people leave their carts in the most random places, closest to where their car was parked, off the property etc, so I have to go and find these carts because it is expensive to replace carts. One major thing about our parking lot, it leads to traffic jams, this is not the best situation when you are pushing carts, so far I`ve noticed that alot of driver`s don`t look in their mirrors when they back up, leaving me to move the carts back, or just totally ignoring me pushing carts across the road. My head almost exploded last night when a particular minivan had been watching me ( they were further down in the parking lot), saw me pushing six carts, and proceeded to move their van right into my path, blocking the ramp to the cart access, and me having to react quickly to avoid having another traffic jam. Thanks buddy, I also think you failed to notice, where you had moved to was a " No Parking Zone." Gee, I really wish they could give me a traffic officer`s ticketbook.

Visible parking spots for the disabled, having a disability but being able to walk the people who drive into these spots when there is no visible need irks me. Now, I know that many people who are disabled have hidden disabilities(including myself, but a large scar on my head, and other random places), but if you clearly do not have a need to use these spots, they are there for a reason, for the people who use a wheelchair or for the people who need to park closer to the building because walking tends to cause problems for them, or for the person they are driving. S-C-R-A-M, please proceed to find another parking spot. HEY! Look there`s one right over there *cart meet head*. Thank you for visiting ( chain of Grocery store)...

Once inside the store, I try and help out as much as I can, putting stock away and taking other coworker`s empty boxes to the front ( customer`s use these to pack their groceries), along with helping people find what they need. If I do not know where an item is, I`ll either ask one of my coworker`s or a supervisor. As of last night, we are required to carry a flyer with us, so we know what the sales are, and their prices. I was talking to one of my coworker`s and we both agreed that this idea is a good one on our bosses part. My boss jokingly laughed at me yesterday, because I had purchased 3 blueberry YOPS© and then at the end of my shift I had purchased another three.

To the people who tell me, " BUT the sale started ONLY YESTERDAY on ( product name)!" Sorry about the product not being in, but we have supply and demand of products that we put on sale. For instance, say we order 100 boxes of Cheese. Well say, we have ten customers, each purchasing ten blocks of cheese, well then we have no more of that particular product in, and chances are we won`t get any more in until after the "sale" is over. I know our flyer, say`s "limited quantities" , but no one has mentioned to me yet the number of a certain product a customer can take.

I get along with most of my coworkers, but only a couple know about my disability, and how that does prevent me in some senses of lifting or learning at a slower pace than everyone else, so that leads to some problems with others.

I received my first paycheck, which was about 180 dollars. Not bad, but they had forgotten the hours I had worked before the store even opened. I talked to the owner, and he said that the log in sheets for when the store was not open were lost. So, I had to find a way to find the hours I had worked, without me getting screwed, and me not "stealing" the companie`s money. I reported the 4 shifts I definately knew I worked, but I knew there were at least three more. The owner, said he would take care of it. I`m hoping my paycheck this week, will reach the 200.00 mark or close to it.

Well that`s all for now :)
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Is this the end of my Insanity? [Feb. 24th, 2005|03:28 pm]
[mood |crazycrazy]
[music |Marroon 5 " She will be loved"]

I`ve had a headache for the past little while, so this week I`ve started trying to take motrin to dull the pain. I`ve got an appointment set up to see a new neurosurgeon for the End of March, a month earlier than when they wanted to see me. If it worsens, I may be checking in to the local emergency rooms.

My stepdad`s father passed away last week. It was not a good week. It brought back so many memories flooding back into my mind of my grandpa and how close I was to him. I cried and was miserable for days. My friends, kept asking me what was wrong, but I could not tell them, and so one took it upon themselves to tell one of my teacher`s that I was thinking about doing something serious like suicide.

So that teacher had to call my mom and ask if anything may be bothering me and tell guidance, because my friend claimed that " I told her this," even when she knew nothing about the situation and I told her and my other friend I would tell them WHEN and IF I was ready, all they knew was that I had told them not to call on Saturday ( funeral day, they did not know this).

So I had to talk to guidance, and tell them all this. What really irked me was the person who reported this was in my next class, so I spoke to that teacher and asked if I could sit far away from her, and who comes up to me? Yeah, and she acts like she`s done nothing, so my teacher tells her to leave me
alone. We really haven`t talked since.

It was kind of creepy, because all of a sudden all my teacher`s knew that my step-grandfather had passed away, and were comming up and talking to me. They are still doing this too.

*In other news, I got the job for the grocery store. I`m gonna be working as a grocery stock boy supposedly. I`m still shocked and confused. My sister got a job with the same store, but in a different section.

"Welcome to Grocery Hell, I`m Oscar the Grouch!"

I have.... [Feb. 1st, 2005|07:38 pm]
[mood |weirdweird]

On February 9th, I go in for my interview for the local grocery store. Don`t know what to think. Please save me now.

One of those moods... [Jan. 16th, 2005|09:19 pm]
"It's so odd how people can be so engulfed in themselves and not realize that other people have personalities and emotions too. People forget that the person behind the screen is real."

Word of Wisdom... [Jan. 12th, 2005|12:57 pm]

I wrote this one after thinking when riding my bus home, usually I`ll just stare out my window and the driver does not say anything.

Lonely Highway,

Is anybody here? I sit in my seat on the drive down the lonely highway, watching as the world goes by. Leaves by leaves the seasons change. I stare out my window to think, what has gone on. No one has spoken to me in so long, I regret it everyday. I sit here curve by curve wondering why. Everyone suddenly was gone, leaving me behind as they drive their seperate ways into the unknown. As I make the final turn, I end up stopping and waving, waiting for the next day on the lonely highway to pass by.


Blah Blah.. Read Only if you`re bored.. [Dec. 28th, 2004|04:44 pm]


*Smacks Head*

Long time without an update, well okay it hasn`t been that long but enough.

Found out two days ago, that our school is going back to the old school schedule ( GRR! NO!), so instead of only having to remind yourself of the format of your classes ( 1,2,3,4 and 2,1,4,3)  you`ll have to remember 4 weeks worth of format 1,2,3,4  , 4,3,2,1, 2,1,4,3, and 3,4,1,2 I believe).  This also means I`ll have to talk to the school so I can get a notice sent to each teacher I have letting them know I am on an early bus and am supposed to leave class ten minutes early. Where before, only two teachers had to know I was leaving early.

I have to think of some ideas for a final project in my entrepreneurship class, it has to be an business plan for a business that I can start immediately, with the resources and such that I have right now.

 I have not done ANY form of art lately,  once again. I`ve been asked to paint things, and I cannot bring myself to do it.  I haven`t worked on any of the tractors I need to be working on, I don`t even know where I`ve put my art pencils.  School in no way helps this situation( with such aforementioned projects), usually I come home from school, eat, do my homework, or just collapse under pure exhaustion.  Not a really good cycle to get into, but I guess if I want to continue with art, it will sort itself out all by itself.  ARTISTS`s BLOCK!

As far as Christmas goes, I recieved a cd player that has a five disk changer, so I can just sit there and switch cd`s.  I also got some protein bars( ate 1 of the 2), which are PowerBar Chocolate flavour and fairly edible. I also got some pistachios( man, I forgot how addicting those were!) and some fleece pants.

I also recieved a leather jacket from my dad.  It`s pretty cool and fits me pretty well.  Now I just have to get my driver`s license and go places to wear it.


It`s my Birthday! [Dec. 13th, 2004|03:11 pm]
[mood |surprisedsurprised]
[music |Evanescence " Whisper"]

So today I finally turn the ripe old age of 19.

Random Annoyances I would like to not be repeated by fellow students....
- do not ask me how old I am, I told you I was not telling you for personal reasons( leads to annoyances of why I am still in high school).
- Do not ask me to purchase alcohol, tobacco or anything you need an "adult" to purchase.
- Do not try to make a game of guessing my age(see Number 1 above)
- Do not tell EVERYONE you see, and do not know to sing me Happy Birthday!
- Do not tell everyone in class, it`s my Birthday, I assure you if they haven`t learned my name by now, they don`t really care if it`s my birthday or not(for example Who`s ?) .

Apart from that the day went really well...
My friends blew horns in my ears(the ringing...the ringing),which then sounded like animals calling for each other. O.o Then one of them brought me a present,an Evanescence CD(with DVD). *holds cd and makes EVIL laughter* MWA HA HA! THANKS D!! I am currently listening to the CD :D

Time: How Evil Can it Be? [Dec. 6th, 2004|06:27 am]
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Annoyance: Waking up at 5:30, with no alarm clock working(as usual). Waking up percieving the time to be 6:30 rather than 5:30, rushing, doing all the hygiene related stuff and then eating breakfast and SEEING the REAL time. Oy Vey!

This weekend, I was sick with the new bug that`s been going around. The hospitals have been taking measures against it and won`t let any patient`s families in, due to the new bug and the potential spread. So from Friday evening to Saturday morning, I slept very little, was not allowed to eat dairy and survived on ginger ale. I just hope the bug does not come back.

I still have not gone into town to purchase Christmas gifts. Oh how I love the Holiday season. I`m not really a grinch. :P I still have to figure out what everyone wants, I know my stepdad is getting an X-Box (already bought), but what does everyone else want? :( Oh yeah, my birthday is in 7 days, and guess what? Nobody knows what I want. Hmmm Hmmm... I think this is the longest I have gone without some sort of list. I don`t think I`m gonna ask for any clothes because I`m planning to gain a bit more weight with a clean bulk (eating healthy foods) with some bad food days. I know I`m gonna ask for some music, but that`s not much.

Today feels like it`s gonna be a long day. EUGH!

Interesting read... [Nov. 8th, 2004|08:44 pm]
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Sun burning eyes... [Oct. 24th, 2004|07:29 am]
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The sky is a brilliant orange this morning. *Now it is gone, back to a ridiculous gray tone.*

So,not much done on the weekend. I did manage to squeeze around 2 hours of drawing time in so far. I proceeded to work more on the tractor drawing. It is so detailed that it doesn`t look like I`ve gotten too far on it, but I have.If I can set up around two hours each day( on the days without homework) I think I can get this drawing finished and start the next one.

I really want to go to a haunted house here, at night. They also have a haunted hayride where people come at you with chainsaws. The crappy thing though is it`s $15.00 a person.It`s only open until October 31st so I have to find someone who won`t get scared to go with me.

Random pointless and gradually entertaining... [Oct. 17th, 2004|05:19 pm]
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So, today I shall have completed my community service hours for good. Unless they screwed me over. Hopefully not. Eerily enough today was one of the best days at the centre. I got there, and I walk into the sign in room, and one of teh ladies who I had previous trouble with, puts her hands on her head and goes, >.< HUN( I know you are being polite buit NEVER call me that) , I should know your name by now I forgot. At least I was remembered. Then I go into the dog kennel. Right now the kennel is filled with 10 golden retrievers because the local authorities shut down some sort of puppy mill. I believe there were 50 dogs altogether and the centre recieved I think 10-20. Some had to be put down.

Since, I hadn`t been there in a while, all the old dogs I knew were gone except two. So I begin working on the dog cages, everyone suddenly dissappeared so I just started. Later on, I recieved some help from another student. We got to the four final cages( full of 3 goldens and 1 golden lab) two cages were done, and I had the pleasure of working on the last cage. I got the cage done in record time, during this time the dog has to be out of their cage. I had just swept the floor, and what does the dog do? Yeah he did their "business' On my perfectly good swept floor. Oh well, mopping was to come afterwards anyways. So I get him in his cage and leave to go help out with other random things( filling up water for the dogs who are outside), come back in to check on him, the nice CLEAN cage is a disaster! He had arranged it so all the newspaper was on one side and he was sleeping on just hard paint chipping cement.

Another incident that happened today was that there were two golden`s in one cage, there`s a dog on the inside cage and one on the outside. Well I went outside on break,and notice that the dog had torn down his cage door( probably also from the wind)so I tell the staff member.So me and the other student go out to fix it. We then had nothing to do after it was fixed, but sit around so I go outside to visit the dogs( a dog that resembles a wolf but pure black, and a king sheperd(MASSIVE), and once again notice two faces staring at me from the previously mentioned cage, the door is totally on the opposite side of the cages. GREAT! The staff has us work on some cat cages( cleaning fluids make me dizzy.. wooo) and then we went out and collected dog bowls from outside to be washed. The wolf looking dog was really playful, they would see me, do like a crazy look, and then they grabbed their metal food bowl, and started throwing it and pouncing it. I then got to fold blankets and fill water again. One dog, different from the bowl pouncer, had just had his water refilled. I walk outside and the`ve knocked down their water bucket and is now pushing it threw the mud. I filled it again, but once again they did the same thing So that pretty much sums up 6 hours of my life. Oh yeah,rain makes it bad to go into dog cages, I fell once going into a slick cage.

i`ll write more later if I feel so inclined. I think I`m going to work on some words of wisdom or such.

(no subject) [Oct. 14th, 2004|07:51 pm]
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Chocolate Milk leads to... [Oct. 7th, 2004|08:58 pm]
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Random spouts of laughter. Computer screen never saw it comming. I was hyper the other day, due to the fact I had four cups of chocolate milk in the same day.  I could barely fall asleep. Once I actually got to my room, I just sat up in my bed. I had three songs stuck in my bed ( the SixFlags Darien Lake theme song, We all live in a yellow submarine and other random songs) and I was just sitting there laughing, laughing and LAUGHING, had to muffle the sound so I wouldn`t wake anyone up.  Wake up, have two more cups of chocolate milk, and then headed off to school.  Once I get to school, I try and study for a test( I PASSED! WOOTNESS), and begin laughing. So I`m just sitting there trying to study and laughing, I could not stop. My friends were all complexed except the one I had talked to the night before, she totally knew what had happened and I am now banned from chocolate milk. *send me chocolate milk donations please  OR I WILL BE FORCED TO HUG AND YOU KNOW I HATE HUGS! :D* </font>I even wrote like 1 page notes to my friends, and I never write them notes. WOOT FOR NOTES!  They were happy for the notes though, I should do that more often. 

I had 3 hours of homework tonight,all on demographic data on four towns. It took me forever, and I hope I never see demographics again. If I had to work on it anymore I think I would have gone mental or started crying. It was horrible! With all the hard work, I hope I get a good mark or at least pass


The more I gag... the more I feel like squishing your insides.... [Oct. 3rd, 2004|02:01 pm]
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I am in the process of eating a protein bar just to try them out. My mom bought several varieties and the one I am tasting right now, tastes horrible. I`m chewing small bites and then chugging down some chocolate milk. The taste is still in my mouth. DISGUSTING! I hope I can find a brand that tastes remotely edible, none of this chocolate chalk concotion.

Please die now you filthy bar!
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